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The Shelter Pet Project




Jessica Poore


West Union, SC


Oconee Animal Rescue

Why Treeny is so special:

Treeny is very unique and is an inspiration to others. When we adopted her, she was missing her back right paw. It was amputated at birth for unknown reasons. She struggled to walk as she got bigger. We found a doctor who made Treeny a prosthetic paw. She is getting used to it and inspiring others who live with prosthetics. She is such a blessing!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Treeny would tell us how thankful she is for everything that we have been able to do for her. She was able to get a custom-made prosthetic paw and she is very grateful for it. Treeny knows that we love her and so she would say that. She is also very spoiled (she was our first dog), so she would tell you that she is our favorite dog.

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