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The Shelter Pet Project




Liz Brennan


Allison Park, PA


Western Pennsylvania Human Society - Fallen Timbers location

Why Gulliver is so special:

When my boyfriend and I moved to Pittsburgh a little over a month ago, I knew that I would be spending a lot of nights alone - as his job means he works the night shifts. So, we decided a cat would be a good companion. One afternoon, we visited a local shelter just to look. I had a specific kind of cat in mind, and Gulliver was not it. However, my boyfriend pointed him out to me and as soon as I had his furry, warm body in my arms, we were in love. It was only after I decided I wanted him that we realized he was 13. Regardless it made no difference to me, and the next day we took him home. Gulliver is everything I have ever wanted in a cat. He is affectionate, incredibly cuddly and a gentleman all around. He sits next to me when I get ready in the morning, helps me do homework (and is laying half on the computer as I type this) and even greets me at the door. I adore him, and all of his strange quirks such as sitting in the bath tub and dragging his water bowl around with his paw. Gulliver still has plenty of spunk, and hopefully plenty of years left with us.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Gulliver would tell you that I spend my time doing far too much homework as I am going for my Master's Degree. This is time that could be better spent paying attention to him. He would also tell you that I have owned cats and dogs my whole life - though I'm sure he would tell you that he is my absolute favorite (which is basically true, though it's like picking among your children).

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