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The Shelter Pet Project




Cindy Harrigan


Oak Hill, VA


Fairfax County Animal Shelter

Why Tiger is so special:

I’m a dog person. Nothing against cats, it’s just that’s what we had growing up. Besides, I’m allergic to animals and dogs are easier to wash - and to keep off my pillow! Then arthritis began crippling my elderly dog, Ice, and the vet said getting a second pet might help keep her moving. Another dog might have made Ice jealous, so we adopted a cat from the county shelter. Tiger wasn’t scared of Ice, probably because running would be exercise - she’s totally lazy. She’s also a champion snuggler. In the evening, when I sit down to read or watch TV, she perches on the arm of the couch and just looks at me. I nudge her onto my lap and she tucks her head near my chin, or hugs my arm with her front legs. Some nights she reaches up and touches my nose with hers before she dozes off. More than once I’ve planned to cuddle Tiger for just a few minutes and ended up sleeping on the couch with her all night. Well, that’s one way to keep her off my pillow, right?

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Mmm hmm, sure she’s a dog person. She’s also warmer than that cat bed I’m supposed to be sleeping on. Life is good.

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