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The Shelter Pet Project




Melissa Smith


, SC


Anderson County PAWS

Why Boog is so special:

I adopted this poop-covered, wiggly 8-month-old pup because I took one look at his happy face and fell in love. Everybody passed him by, not even giving him a pet because he was covered in his own mess. I took him home, cleaned him up and have loved him since. He loves my old cat, he follows me everywhere and just wants to make me happy. He's not the brightest tool in the shed but he tries and is definitely the most loyal and loving Momma's boy I have ever loved.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My momma takes me everywhere and I ride shotgun in her truck with her. She taught me how to swim in the lake and jump off the dock. She takes me to the doctors right when I start not to feel good. I get a bath at least once every two weeks and I get cuddles and kisses. My favorite thing is the frisbee. Well, I try and normally miss but I bring it back and try again. So glad she gave me a chance!

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