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The Shelter Pet Project




Jen Ortman


Somerset, OH


Smith County VA via Promised Land Animal Rescue

Why Buck is so special:

Buck came up on a Facebook as Urgent/Stray hold up. I had just lost my dog, Buck, to cancer 3 weeks before, so his name caught my attention. I am an animal communicator and talked to Buck first. His personality won me over! Promised Land Animal Rescue raced against the clock with me to get him out of the shelter in time - on euthanasia day. That phone call, "We got him!" is one that I will never forget! Buck joined our ACD pack like he had always been here. He will be starting herding training next month! Love him!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My human is unusual - she hears me. We work hard together to help me make better choices, like not lifting my leg. My human smells good and helps animals every day. She has helped me heal from my past & enjoy every day! ~Buck

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