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The Shelter Pet Project




Rachel Homer


Burlington, MA



Why Chip is so special:

Chip is a very special shelter pet because when I adopted him, he had dog aggression issues. He would bark, bite, and lunge at any dogs he saw while we were on walks or at the park. I worked him for a long time and he was eventually able to react appropriately to other dogs. He now has fantastic manners and people cannot believe that he came from a shelter! I have taught him over 120 tricks and you can learn more about him by visiting his YouTube channel "cheerfulchip197".

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My owner has done so much work with me and didn't give up on me when anyone else would! I am so much happier now that someone has helped me learn to behave around other dogs and even taught me some fun tricks!

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