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The Shelter Pet Project




Samantha Pline


, GA


Atlanta Humane Society

Why Maverick is so special:

Maverick picked us when he was two months old. We must have held and visited with every 2-6 month old dog in the shelter. Maverick was the dog that best connected to my brother, who has autism. He just curled up on Jake's lap and licked his hand. Four months later, he continues to share a connection with Jake, and now, as a bigger dog, he enjoys walks and playing fetch with all of us.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

That we are a crazy family. There is always something going on, people are always coming and going. You have to be flexible and mellow to last. Once you're in, though, your in for life. That life will be full of love and being spoiled by everyone who walks in the door.

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