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The Shelter Pet Project




Jennifer Corodimas


Nampa, ID


Good Newz Pittie Pups

Why Auggie is so special:

Auggie is a special-needs pit bull with quite a following on Facebook. He was to be euthanized in a California shelter because he could not use his back legs. We were looking for our second special-needs pup and had three pit bulls already and hoping for another. Good Newz Pittie Pups found Auggie in the shelter with little time left. They pulled him for us a day before he was to be killed. We drove 10 hours from Idaho to get him. He and our other pups are the loves our lives!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My name is Auggie and I am a lucky boy. I was in a weally dark place and den some nice people took me out of dere and took good care of me until my mommy and daddy bwought me home. I wike my life and my family very much. I wuff da snow too. My favowit toy is a hose!!!! Please come visit me on my FB page and say hello at

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