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The Shelter Pet Project




Lisa Barrett


Walstonburg, NC


Pitt County Animal Shelter

Why Zen is so special:

Zen was truly meant to be a part of our family: from the moment we met him (at which point he tripped a shelter worker and knocked over a biohazard trash can), he has turned our lives into a series of laughs, cuddles, and snuggles. I could swear he is NOT a dog at all. We thank the universe for whatever pulled us together, even when every feather is on the wrong side of the pillow case and we're using a snow shovel in the living room to clean it up.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My mommy makes the sun come up and fills my belly no matter what mess I get myself in to. Daddy lets me sit on his lap even though I weigh 80 lbs, he even gives me extra snacks from the table when mommy isn't around. We keep secrets for each other, shhhh.

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