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The Shelter Pet Project




Tessa Capperella


Warwick, RI


Centre County PAWS

Why Sonny is so special:

During her stay at the shelter, Sonny began showing aggressive tendencies. As a volunteer, it really broke my heart. The first time I saw her, we became fast friends. But times were tough and I didn't have a good situation to adopt her while I was in college. Some said that Sonny would never be adopted. There was even speculation of putting her down. So when I graduated and got a chance to move to a new city, I adopted Sonny and ran. She is truly my best friend!! Always loving and optimistic.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I am so happy I get to be with my mommy so often now!!! I loved everyone in the shelter, but it's so awesome to have my own space where I can run around and be loved 24/7!!!!

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