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The Shelter Pet Project


Hamilton (aka Hamilton Pug)


Wendy Frink + Steve Eder


New York City, NY


Ohio Pug Rescue

Why Hamilton (aka Hamilton Pug) is so special:

Hamilton is a pug about town! He loves to be around people, and always gets invited to lots of parties. He knows he's a big deal. But, despite the invites and attention, he always wants to be by my side. When I'm making breakfast, he's there; when it's time to do yoga, he's there; even when I'm just hanging out on the couch, he's there. I'm never lonely with Hamilton around! #StartAStoryAdopt

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

I bet you didn't know my mom loves these parties more than I do. 1 party, 2 party, 3 party, more; where are we headed next?

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