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The Shelter Pet Project




Miranda Hansen


New London, CT


Jacksonville Animal Care and Control

Why Kismet is so special:

I had lost my rescue dog Flipflop to cancer about 18 months before I decided to adopt again. When I first saw Kismet, I was immediately attracted to her intelligent eyes and big ears, but I wasn't certain I wanted the responsibility of such a large dog and decided to wait a bit before making a final decision. I couldn't get Kismet out of my mind, so I returned to the kennel the next week only to find her cage empty. Heartbroken because I was certain she had been euthanized, I ran to the front counter and inquired about her whereabouts. "Oh, she's been waiting for you to come back," the volunteer laughed. "We moved her to the other pens!" Kismet was the only dog left in the kennels that week - all of the other dogs had been adopted out to forever homes, but no one wanted the large, black, challenging-looking Shepherd except me! I applied and took her home the same day.
Kismet is a very high energy dog who has required extensive training and lots of exercise, but through this process, I have lost almost 50 pounds and gained a lot of patience. In many ways she saved me. She is intelligent, loving, beautiful and very protective - my best friend in the world.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Not much.

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