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The Shelter Pet Project




Sara Yankowski


Lincoln Park, MI


Taylor Animal Shelter

Why Witchy is so special:

Witchy is special because when we (my mom) adopted her 10 years ago after my goldfish died (I was 11). She was suffering from neglect, her fur was severely matted, she had feces stuck to her fur, and when we went to have her spayed, we found out she was pregnant, but the kittens inside had died. It made her permanently fat, too, but we love our beautiful, big, fat black cat. She's loveable to everybody, always wanting to be petted. She's my baby.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

She would say, "Thank you for rescuing me from that horrible place so many years ago, thank you for letting me into your heart and your home, and I really wish we could go back to Florida, so I can lay in the sun all year long and chase snakes, like I used to."

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