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The Shelter Pet Project


Mr. Crowley


Raquel Fernandes


Lyndhurst, NJ


Westchester SPCA

Why Mr. Crowley is so special:

Mr. Crowley is a tiny, 3.2lb lap-loving senior Chihuahua. This nearly toothless love bug follows me around all day, snorting and smiling at every turn! His favorite thing in the whole world? Snuggling! Whether you're a family member, or complete stranger- if you've got a lap to snuggle in, he'll be your best bud! He's a lover this one.

He's only got 2 teeth, so he's living that tongue-out-tuesday life all day, every day of the week!

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Moms cute when she tries... but I know that she knows that I know that I've got her wrapped around my not-so-little tongue ;)

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