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The Shelter Pet Project




Eric LaVanchy


Los Angeles, CA


East Valley Shelter

Why Scout is so special:

The Scoutbeast is probably the happiest creature on the planet. She's just such a good girl - always wanting to please, always excited to see old friends and meet new ones, go anywhere in a car (including around the block), or play with some canine pals. Gentle with children, a lover of puppies, a girl who actually gets excited to share in a bite of the mango or banana or strawberry you're having - that's our sweet Scout dog.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

She'd tell you that Eric and Jessica are a lot of fun, and a font of tasty food, but most importantly she'd inform you that we love our little dog so much, and that she remembers and will always be grateful for the day we showed up at the shelter to find her.

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