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The Shelter Pet Project




Martha Steward


Lakeport, CA


Pet Smart Adopt Day

Why Darby is so special:

With his big brown eyes and soul expressions, my son and I knew this red Sable Husky mix was going to be the next family member. Darby at about 9 months old and my son at the age of 6 bonded the moment they looked into each others eyes. We spent 15 wonderful years with Darby. Darby looked out for my son while growing up, accepted any new additions into the family, and celebrated each moment with joy in his heart. In his memory I wrote a book to honor those years and to encourage would be pet adopters to look at adopting a pet first.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

Dear Mum and Drew, I am happy over the rainbow bridge - the days are sunny and warm. Thank you for providing me with a loving family. I know we shall all be together again. Kiss my cats for me and let them know there are plenty of mice here. Love, Darby

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