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The Shelter Pet Project




Katherine Mack


Shorewood, IL


Will County Humane Society

Why Rosco is so special:

Rosco is mellow when we are home, and playful when we are out. He is so well behaved, and rarely ever barks. Truly, Rosco has been a blessing to us, and we cherish him for it. If he has some peanut butter on his chew toy, someone to rub his belly and a pond to jump in every now and then, he is more than happy. I absolutely feel like we found him at the perfect time. I am happy every day that I could give my Rosco a great home; I only wish I had room for more.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

They play with me, cuddle with me, let me play with other doggies and don't ever leave me chained up outside to get cold, hot or dehydrated. I am part of their family and will protect them and stay loyal to them forever.

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