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The Shelter Pet Project


Rosie and Lulu


Roberta Johnson


Long Beach, CA


SpcaLA (Society for the Protection of Animals, Los Angeles)

Why Rosie and Lulu is so special:

I've had Rosie (a white Bichon) for 5 years and Lulu (a grey Shih Tzu?) for 3. I honestly can't tell you if I saved them or if they saved me. I think it's both. I've had rescue dogs all my life, but these two have THE most intense affection, THE most devotion, THE most pure, unquestioning, unqualified love I think I've ever experienced. Both were strays, "throw aways". Rosie had been in the shelter for almost 2 months when she found me. To think that no one else wanted these two special souls - happy, playful, loving, sweet babies - just breaks my heart. They're my life. They're my heart. They're...My Girls.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

That Mazzie gives good tummy rubs, that they LOVE their stuffie squeekie toys (Lulu especially) and that there's nuthin' but good eats around here.

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