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The Shelter Pet Project




Victoria Palmer


Washington, DC


Washington Animal Rescue League

Why Goldeneye is so special:

I had been waiting my whole life to meet Goldeneye, and I know that though I missed her first year and a half of life, she was meant to be with me. As I passed one wall of empty kitty condos during my volunteer shift, only one was occupied and it caught my eye. A black, puffy cloud with two gold eyes stared up at me. I immediately opened the cage and bonded with her right away. I took her home with me and we are inseparable. There's so much more to our story, but this is how we started :)

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My mom is absolutely dedicated to me. She works during the day but when she comes home, it's playtime 'til we go to bed. I love her because she loves me unconditionally and wants to help other animals find forever homes like mine.

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