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The Shelter Pet Project




Kirstin Burdet


Weehawken, NJ


Tri State Yorkie & Small Breed Rescue

Why Scooter is so special:

Scooter was adopted in 2014; he is a puppy mill survivor. Despite his tough past, he is the sweetest dog and wants nothing more than a big hug. We are committed to giving him the love and care he deserves and there is no shortage of hugs in his new life. He inspired us to begin volunteering, fostering, and raising awareness about puppy mills and the horrors that these dogs endure.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

That I urge everyone to get involved in whatever way(s) they can. Adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, and/or raise awareness. There is so much to be done for these animals to ensure that they all find their happily ever afters!

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