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The Shelter Pet Project




Tyanne Tate


, ID



Why Felix is so special:

My fiance and I lived in these terrible apartments just starting out. We already had our little princess (Esti) but across the way, these awful neighbors suddenly had a cute puppy. They yelled at him, starved him, left him in the bathroom for days because he was "a lot". We waited all of two days before we walked over with $20 and asked for their dog. They were excited to go out to eat with thr money. He threw up twice when he drank water because his belly was so empty.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My mom and dad love me so much and don't get too frustrated when I'm a naughty dog. I never go hungry or thirsty, I always have a warm bed and lots of love. I'm still scared of the world sometimes but I am making progress. My sister is pretty cool too I guess...she cleans my ears and tells me how to behave a lot. I hope I never have to be hurt again.

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