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The Shelter Pet Project




Tasha Huebner


Chicago, IL


IL Doberman Rescue

Why Kona is so special:

I was originally supposed to foster for the 2008 July 4th weekend this gangly, 6-month old red Dobe, found as a stray. Then on the 4th, I found a lump. And a few days later found it was breast cancer, totally out of the blue. And during that entire hellish summer, when I'd come home after another maddening appointment, the only thing that would put a smile on my face was Kona and his goofy antics. I always say that the one good thing that Fate ever dumped in my lap was Kona - and I'll take it.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

My momma and I are inseparable, and she loves me to pieces even when I destroy the tomato plants she's grown from seed, or constantly pester her for more treats, or take up the entire bed. I love to help my momma garden!

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