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The Shelter Pet Project




Carrie Philion


Traverse City, MI



Why Bella is so special:

Bella was found in the middle of winter with terrible frostbite. She is missing the tips of her ears because of it. When I put my hand up to the cage she basically high-fived me. I was in love. She is quite the crazy cat and loves nothing more than a good game of chasing me around the living room. She is a big snuggler and loves to sleep underneath the bed covers at night. She's also very vocal and meows constantly.

If your pet could talk, what would he or she tell us about you?:

She would most likely say that she is in fact queen of the house. She loves to hide in cupboards and enjoys pouncing on my other shelter pet, JayJay. She'd tell you that we love to cuddle and my lap is her favorite place. She loves things that make noise and she's a fabulous jumper!

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