Places to adopt

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to adopt, or found a dog or cat you’re interested in meeting through our search, what’s next?

Pets looking for homes may be found at a central location, which will be either a public or private animal shelter. Both are great places to meet large numbers of pets in one place.

Other pets are cared for while waiting for adoption by a small private rescue organization, which will typically house them in foster homes. Growing numbers of shelters also rely on foster homes for some of their pets.

To meet the pets at a particular shelter, just contact them to confirm their hours and location. Appointments are typically not necessary.

Since foster homes are people’s private residences, you’ll want to make an appointment to meet a foster pet you’re interested in. Also, some pets who you’ll find via our website are still with their current family, but are in need of a new home. You’ll want to make an appointment to meet these pets, too.

Pets in foster homes, or in their current home, may also be brought to adoption events where you can meet them. These are typically held at locations such as parks, farmer’s markets, and pet fairs. Many pets looking for homes can also be visited at a retail location such as a pet supply store that makes space available to adoption groups.

Just remember, wherever you meet them, shelter and rescue pets are amazing! Come meet your new best friend today!